Nutrition and Weight Management Advice Consultation

There is no magical formula that will guarantee weight loss, but by taking in less energy and being more active, you will lose weight. It is not rocket science! In other words, it is vital that we eat fewer calories, take part in regular exercise, and permanently change our lifestyle habits to achieve our goals.

We need to treat weight loss like you would a work project – it requires objectives, goals, strategy and planning. What is your objective?

Look at this basic example; to lose 1 pound an individual must burn off 3500 calories (approx.), therefore consuming 300-500 less calories per day. (The maths: 7 days x 500 calories equal 3500 less calories per week, resulting in a weight loss of approximately 1 pound per week.) This may not seem like a significant amount of weight loss initially. However, if a coach or exercise professional were to encourage you to follow a carefully designed fitness programme and healthy eating plan that would make you lose 48Ibs or 3 Stone 4Ibs by this time next year, you would be extremely excited with this achievement! It is all down to you and your goals!

With any exercise training programme, nutrition plays an especially important role.  Nutrition and Weight Management comes first and is more important than exercise alone if you are wishing to lose weight. Getting the balance right is key, especially when introducing yourself to an exercise programme, whether in the gym or at home.

During this lifestyle consultation, advice is offered based on your individual circumstances, goals, home and work commitments, barriers, mindset, budgets, likes and dislikes. Food diaries are also important to keep, whether digital or ‘old school’ paper versions, to keep track of everything you eat and those essential macro/micronutrients. You will be offered advice to help you choose the right food for you and your lifestyle. You can always have the option of booking a Health & Fitness Evaluation, to obtain a benchmark of your individual health and fitness levels before you start your new exercise and lifestyle journey.

“Nutrition and Weight Management is key for weight loss… exercise an added bonus!”

“Most of all you will be encouraged, praised and motivated on whatever Lifestyle journey you are starting to begin, whether great or small, as your commitment, effort and honesty will be crucial in achieving your goals. Through education and your own self-determination, you will get there.”

Nutrition & Weight Management Advice Consultation

(1-2-1 at the Treatment Room or Video Consultation)
£55.00 - 60 Minutes
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