Integrated Exercise and Massage Rehabilitation Therapy Programme

Injury Prevention, Recovery and Pain Management.

Each programme is designed to help you recover from back, joint and muscular disfunction that you may be experiencing. This may be from a result of postural imbalances, leading to joint and muscular pain issues that interfere with everyday body function and day to day activities. An integration of exercise and manual therapy through massage and stretching is suitable and beneficial for anyone who has been suffering with chronic pain resulting from a past or present injury or complaint. You will benefit from a reduction in pain, muscle tightness, reduce scar tissue, alleviation of referred pain from trigger points, gain flexibility around muscles and joints, improve posture and get stronger from a 1-2-1 strengthening and conditioning rehabilitation exercise programme. 

This unique package consists of an initial consultation to ascertain the extent of your injury, whether it is through bad posture, your past or present medical history or a niggling injury. A personal rehabilitation programme will be designed, covering the correct implementation of strength and conditioning exercise, stretches and an integration of different types of manual therapy to provide the best treatment suited to you and your individual pain issues. This is all provided in a complete ‘Pain Management’ Programme.

“No one treatment fit’s all.”

You will benefit from learning the correct techniques both in the treatment room and at home, on how to correctly perform the rehabilitation exercises and stretches in your programme. This will aid the recovery of injured muscles and joints which will be monitored closely. This rehabilitation programme is designed for those who have an injury, chronic tension, adhesion’s and scar tissue, back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain to name a few. Sports injuries can also be a factor of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain, that can be treated with this programme.

It can help with:

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries and dysfunction; carpel tunnel syndrome, upper and lower back pain, ankle sprains, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis/tendinopathy, achilles tendinitis, whiplash, frozen shoulder, hip/sacroiliac pain, knee tendinopathy and sports injuries.

what is included?

treatment menu

Integrated Exercise & Massage Rehabilitation Therapy Programme Package

(Initial Video Consultation, Lifestyle and Postural Assessment, Integrated Massage Treatment and PT Exercise Rehab Programme, Post Treatment Follow up, Weekly Pre-Treatment video Consultation )

4 x 90 Minute Sessions
£364.00 per Package

Additional 30-Minute Video Consultation
£28.00 Per call
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