The Dorn Method Therapy

The Dorn Method is a gentle and safe manual complementary therapy focusing on the cause of back and joint pain in people of all ages. It is used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints. Founded by Dieter Dorn almost 40 years ago and consists of unique exercises and techniques developed to help joints and vertebrae slip back into their natural positions without ‘clicking’ or ‘crunching’.

It can help and target common health problems such as

What does the Dorn Method involve?

As an advanced Dorn Method Practitioner, I will always work together with you, beginning with a leg length check; a high percentage of people suffering from back pain show a leg length difference often due to poor leg seating in the hip joint. I will then make simple, safe, corrections, as necessary. Next your pelvis will be checked, followed by lumbar, thoracic (spinal column) and cervical vertebrae (neck) checks.

The Dorn Method can also be combined with a very relaxing spinal massage called Breuss Massage. This is a gentle massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns, and energises the back. This combination of both Dorn Therapy and Breuss Massage provides an amazingly effective method to gently align the spine and joints, helping to regenerate the whole-body system in a safe, simple and very effective way.

All clients at the time of consultation and treatment, presenting with a complaint, will undergo a full assessment. This package includes 3 x 90 minute sessions.  (30 minute video Consultation 2 days prior to your appointment; Past and present health history, Posture Analysis, Lifestyle Analysis and weekly follow up progress discussion. A 60 minute Dorn Treatment which includes a relaxing Spinal Breuss Massage and simple self-help exercises to practice at home).

Please can you arrive 5 minutes before your treatment to allow for the completion of the necessary Treatment Consent forms. Suitable and comfortable clothing is advisable for ease of movement during your treatment. Gym clothes: Shorts, track/jogging bottoms/leggings, a T-shirt, and a sports bra for the ladies, are ideal.

Dorn Method Therapy Package

(Initial Video Consultation, 3 x Dorn Method Treatment, 3 x Breuss Spinal Massage, Self-Help Exercises and 2 x Follow up video Consultations)

3 x 90 Minute Package

3 Treatments are recommended.

(A minimum of 24 Hours notice is required for any Cancellation, to avoid loss of pre-paid session).
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