Chinese 5-Elements Abdominal Massage

Using Traditional Chinese medical theories, this Abdominal Massage is a relaxing and effective deep oil-based massage focusing on the abdominal region, the centre or core of our body and mental health function.

Its role is to supply good blood and lymph flow and oxygen space, clearing trapped toxins. It can help with restrictions in the bowels and help release twists and torsions and bringing balance to the internal organs. It has helped clients to relieve bowel discomfort, lower back pain and emotional problems.

Using muscle palpation and specific massage and holding techniques we unwind all the different fascia and connective tissue to remove the stress and tension out of the area, increasing energy. A Spinal Breuss Massage is added to this effective treatment to aid further relaxation, blood flow and energy through the vertebrae and sacrum. 

Benefits from physical and psychological perspective

Chinese 5-Elements Abdominal Massage and Breuss Spinal Massage

£68.00 - 75 Minutes
2 Treatments Recommended.
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