“I am indeed pretty pleased with the result!”

All of my adult life to the early 60’s my weight was constant at 11 Stone 7 lbs. Suddenly I put on a over a stone to 12 Stone 10 lbs, mainly around the middle. Although I had done regular exercise at home after the weight gain, it was all to no avail.

I decided to use the services of NetPT and It soon became clear to me that my exercise routine needed significant adjustment along with my calorie and fat intake. At the assessment stage my “aims” were clarified, to reduce my weight to around 12 stones and to develop my upper body which had always been under developed. Weekly gym sessions were taken for around 4 months along with revised home exercises, which I did every other day.

My current programme is a gym session every 3 weeks with specified home exercises in between. My food intake is now targeted (and monitored) and certainly I enjoy good food. Now at the age of 79, my weight is 12 Stone 1 lbs, my core is now trim and my upper body is toned and has changed shape. I am indeed pretty pleased with the result!

Priority for me, at my age is to be monitored carefully, in that regard I have absolute confidence in Nannette, the outcome has been worth it.

Grahame Woodward
Packington, Leicestershire
(March 2018)

“Well happy……”

As a keen cyclist I have always looked to do something different from riding my bike over the winter months, it’s what all the magazines suggest! I’ve tried running before but have always been concerned about damaging my knees. I’m happy to swim but decided to try and improve my ‘core strength’ so contacted Nannette (NetPT.co.uk) and soon began a course with her to help improve my core stability.

I have enjoyed the training and maybe needed the discipline of the instruction and coaching, but for sure I feel better and stronger for it.

I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm for cycling this year, I’ve completed, in France, 3 E’tape du Tour & the Marmotte twice along with many Cyclo-Sportives & Audaxs in the U.K. I’ve felt at a bit of a cornerstone!

My wife also enjoys cycling and I’m doing my best to encourage her along. We started a ‘buddy’ programme together with Nannette, so I’ve tried running again and it’s going great! I’ve built it up on the treadmill and started taking part in the local Park Run at Conkers on Saturdays and my times are continuing to improve. Today I took part in my first 10k race, The National Forest 10k, and had set myself a target time of 50 mins. Despite a slight ankle injury I managed to get inside my target time 48:14, putting me at 68th out of 284 runners, and I’ve only been running outdoors since mid July! (9 weeks). Well Happy!

Next up, Julie’s undertaking Cycletta North, a women only cycle event from Tatton Park. This will be her first solo event and she’s looking forward to it.

Nannette always makes our training sessions fun helping to improve our fitness levels and get more out of us and has certainly given me the confidence to continue with running. Who knows maybe a Triathlon next year……

“I would recommend Nannette at NetPT to anybody looking to improve their fitness!”

Ray Mortlock
Donisthorpe, Derbyshire.
(March 2016)

“Nannette took the time to listen to what my goals were…”

I started training with Nannette over 7 months ago and it was the best decision I made this year. What could be better than a gym which is private, conveniently located only 10 minutes from home and offers a highly professional service. I had trained previously but after stopping exercise and neglecting my diet I had gained over 2 1/2 stones. Despite knowing I needed someone to push me to get fit, I lacked confidence in myself in achieving my goals. Nannette took the time to listen to what my goals were and ensured that I achieved them even when I felt it was impossible.

Since training with Nannette, I have not only lost 3 1/2 inches off my waist but look and feel fitter and much more energetic. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone and it has been extremely painful at times but as a results I have lost a lot of weight and feel great. The sessions are intense and despite my moaning, I now enjoy working out and feel motivated to do even better. I have just booked another 3 months worth of sessions and can’t wait to see the results.

Nannette is both professional and passionate about her work and has shown me that you don’t need any gimmicks or unnecessary supplements but a good diet combined with skilful training. A big thank you for motivating me and pushing me to get this far.

Sam Thornton
Heather, Leicestershire

(June 2016)

“I had no motivation and lacked in confidence….”

After contemplating on what to do for a long while and failing with different fad diets, I finally plucked up the courage and contacted Nannette. I had a 45 minute consultation with her, which was free and I explained that I had no motivation and lacked in confidence, hence why dieting and exercise hadn’t worked. I didn’t really understand how the ‘diet & fitness’ game worked, or really realised by not having a healthy lifestyle, how it would jeopardise my health.

Over the years I had gained 2 stone, a little from the birth of my first child but mainly binge eating and not exercising much. I spoke to Nannette in great detail about my fears, habits and barriers that are preventing me from getting the body I’ve always wanted by losing weight and just to feel fit and healthy. This has now all changed and finally the pieces of the jigsaw are starting to fit into place and could see the overall picture I have been waiting for! After setting some goals and training 2 times per week for 4 months with Nannette, I have managed to lose 2 stone 6Ibs and are down from a size 16 to a size 10!! I’m absolutely over the moon with the results, are feeling fantastic and have never felt so confident and motivated, as I do now!

It hasn’t ended there? I am currently on a Maintenance Programme where I see Nannette every 2 weeks to keep me on track and motivated, but I know I can easily contact her in between sessions, if needed in any moment of weakness!

Nannette is not just a great personal trainer to work with, where she has really supported me and helped me get through some ‘dark’ days, but she is a fun, bubbly and a genuine person who I would recommend to any of my friends.

Thanks Nannette for getting me there!

Lucy Porter
Measham, Derbyshire
(February 2019)