Personal Training and Buddy Training 

Fun, Motivating and Personalised Fitness Programmes to suit all ages. I’ll keep you motivated and encouraged by providing weekly assessments, a progress follow up in between sessions and bring variety to your training programmes. If you prefer, you can call, text or email me with any questions, concerns you may have or maybe you just need that little bit of extra support or motivation away from the gym. Whatever it is, I will be here to help with ongoing support to keep you focused and on track.

After an initial FREE 30 minute consultation, a personalised programme is designed to suit your particular health and fitness requirements, along with goal setting and barriers to exercise.  Depending on how many PT sessions you have per week, you will be set weekly ‘home’ programmes to work through and will need to log or check in via text/email to confirm you have completed them! I will be available 7 days a week for any concerns you may have…’s only an email away! I will also call you once per week for a follow up progress ‘catch up’. You will be provided with a pack of everything you need; a Gym Programme, Home Programme, Stretch Sheets, Nutrition Advice and Motivational Strategies.

Copies of all the signed documents you are asked to complete, will be provided in the pack for your reference. Personal details and documents from each client will be kept confidential and in a locked secure place.  There are several options of where to train, including at the private gym (NetPT), from home or outdoors. You can train 1-2-1, or with a ‘buddy’ to share the costs, at a time to suit you.

What can you expect to achieve? 

  • Your individual fitness and lifestyle goals
  • Weight loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Improve on flexibility
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Mental Health & Well Being
  • Last but not least, lots of smiles!


Private Gym                      £40.00 1 hour 15 mins
Clients Home                    £48.00 1 hour 15 mins
Buddy Training  (2)          £52.00 1 hour 15 mins

Prices quoted are per session. A discount is available for any block bookings of *10 sessions or more. Payment options are also available. *Quote BLOCK10 to get 10% discount on PT sessions only. (Buddy Training Sessions not included in this offer.)

Please call to book a FREE Consultation, or for any Health and Fitness questions you may like to ask before you start. I will be more than happy to help!

Terms & Conditions:
24 Hours notice will be required for any cancellations, once any PT or Buddy sessions are booked.  Unless otherwise agreed, you will forfeit your session. During your PT course, you will be only allowed to carry over 2 sessions, due to general illness…for example, flu, colds, cough, sickness. After that stage and under our discretion, you will forfeit your session if you can not attend.  Holidays will be taken into consideration. All pre paid courses have an expiry date of 6 months and must be taken during that period. This will take effect from the first training session. Long term courses can be discussed and expiry dates extended accordingly.

Health & Fitness Evaluation

When thinking about a Personal Training session or taking part in any physical exercise, it is recommended you have a full health and fitness evaluation in order to establish a safe and effective fitness programme designed for you.

What’s involved?

Along with medical history screening, (in confidence), a flexibility test and muscular endurance test, these simple tests incorporates three most important and vital measurements of a person’s health & fitness:

  • Body Fat – Lean and fat weight and estimated BMR. This is recognised as a far greater indicator of physical health than simple body weight.
  • Blood Pressure – A non-invasive and simple test. This can be a major factor of heart disease.
  • Aerobic Ability – A simple and clear insight into your current fitness level and advice on any improvements that may need to be made.
  • Muscle Endurance – A 1-minute sit up test to measure abdominal and hip flexor strength & endurance and a 1 minute press up test to measure upper body endurance.
  • Postural Analysis – Our lifestyle, standing, sitting, lifting and our occupation and activity levels influence our posture. Poor posture can result in weak muscles; either lengthened or shortened causing injury and pain. A postural analysis assesses your current body alignment, flexibility and identifies muscle imbalance and weaknesses.


Fitness Evaluation £40.00    (approx. 1 hour)

Nutrition and Weight Management Advice Consultation 

There is no magical formula that will guarantee weight loss, but by taking in less energy and being more active, you will lose weight. Its not rocket science! In other words, it is vital that we eat fewer calories, take part in regular exercise and permanently change our lifestyle habits in order to achieve our goals.

We need to treat weight loss like you would a work project – it requires objectives, goals, strategy and planning. What’s your objective? Write it down. We are 10 times more likely to achieve what we set out to achieve if we commit them to paper. Tell everybody what you’re doing and you’re more likely to get support and motivation from friends, family and colleagues if they know what you’re trying to achieve.

Look at it this way; to lose 1 pound an individual must burn off 3500 calories (approx.), therefore consuming 300-500 less calories per day. (The maths: 7 days x 500 calories equals 3500 less calories per week, resulting in a weight loss of approximately 1 pound per week!)This may not seem like a significant amount of weight loss initially? However, if a Personal Trainer was to encourage you to follow a carefully designed Fitness Programme and healthy eating plan that would make you lose 48Ibs or 3St 4Ibs by this time next year, you would be very excited with this achievement! It is all down to you and your goals!

With any Personal Training Programme, Nutrition plays a very important role. As part of the PT package, Nutrition and Weight Management Advice is offered, along with weekly Food Diaries, handouts, booklets and useful guides to help you choose the right food. You will have your body composition checked every week; weight, body fat, visceral fat and body water% measured. This will enable you to keep track of your progress.

Nutrition and Weight Management Advice can also be offered on it’s own as a separate service to provide a bench mark of where to start, before committing to a full PT Programme.

Clip-BoardMost of all you will be encouraged, praised and motivated on whatever weight loss you achieve, whether great or small, but your commitment, effort and honesty will be crucial in achieving your goals.

Individual Consultation 45 minutes              £35.00